Welcome to Radigan Environmental Group Solutions (REGS).  

We are a solution broker providing access to high quality product and service providers serving the environmental monitoring community.

Since the inception of the Clean Air Act Amendments we have observed a steady decline in the reliability and quality of the available environmental solution providers. This degradation of service has been fueled by too many players applying some knowledge to the complex requirements of regulatory compliance.  A case of good people providing poor solutions simply because they don’t have a true grasp of the task in front of them. It happens time and time again.

REGS is committed to changing that trend by aligning themselves with people you can trust.  We match battle-tested providers to proven applications. We help you manage your risk, minimize your stress and improve your overall compliance experience.   

As your environmental partner, REGS applies over 30-years of experience to finding the right solution to fit your site-specific needs. Our partnership promise is to assist you to successfully meet your environmental monitoring responsibilities on-time and on-budget.