Radigan Environmental Group Solutions (REGS) offer a full complement business to business consulting services.

Business to Business services are adjusted to custom fit your needs. REGS offers subscription-based business development consulting or project based support on an as needed basis. We cover everything to assist you in improving your business model - from business analyses, process improvements, performance metrics, performance transparency, market research and due diligence evaluations. In addition to our consulting work we offer non-exclusive sales representation on a selective, contract basis. REGS is a full-service business improvement partner. Our services include:



BOSS™ is our exclusive business to business optimization subscription service specifically geared towards air compliance providers. It is available to business to business partners to assist in the development and execution of strategic market placement activities designed to build long term success and company growth.  As part of the BOSS™ team you will see short-term sales improvement and gain long-term profit success.  Some of the services under the BOSS™ umbrella include:

  • REGS solutions partner certification program and training

  • REVEAL™ business analyses and planning process

  • Business development and market research activities

  • Strategic planning and market optimization consulting

  • Sales process analyses, improvement and profit optimization

  • Creation of sustainable sales and business tracking metrics

  • Business planning and plan maintenance services

  • Market visibility analyses and business development coaching

  • Acquisition support services from exploration evaluations to due diligence activities


REVEAL™ (Review, Evaluate, Validate, Explore, Adjust, Leverage)

REVEAL™ is a detailed business analysis and planning tool exclusively developed by REGS.  It is the first step towards business planning for those businesses needing assistance in building their growth and sustainability model. REVEAL™ starts with an intensive face to face business profile questionnaire covering details on all aspects of your business.  Once we have gathered the appropriate data, REGS experts will use this information to generate a comprehensive process improvement report and recommended plan for improvement. REVEAL™ can be implemented as a standalone product or an integrated service with either a monthly or annual BOSS™ subscription. If you are uncertain about your future success, then REVEAL™ is your first step towards improvement.



REGS is available to assist on a project basis. Projects typically run 90-days and are focused on a single, specific mission.  Project work ranges from all types of market research to due diligence exercises to process improvement exercises to marketing strategies. Some examples are as follows:


Market Research covers a wide range of support services and would include scope definition, data gathering and a findings/recommendation report.  Market Research is for companies needing to gain an outside perspective on their inside business plan. Market Research Projects include:

  • New Product Evaluations – needs analysis gathered from existing installed base

  • New Product Launches – market data gathering/market perceptions/reactions

  • New Market Analysis I – evaluating existing product placement in new markets

  • New Market Analysis II – barriers of entry and overcoming challenges in new markets

  • Market Perception – how does your existing installed base view you as a vendor


Process Improvement exercises are for companies that have an established business model that is working but needs some improvement.  In these cases, a subscription service is not needed but a project-based program would complement an established program. Process Improvements are tailored to specific company needs and might include:

  • Inside Sales Team Analyses

  • Outside Sales Team Analyses

  • Quotation Department

  • Marketing Assistance and Go to Market Strategies

  • Forecasting and Sales Performance Metrics


Due Diligence exercises can be applied to acquisition targets or to pre-launch exercises supporting new products.  These projects are aimed at assisting you in determining how the market will perceive your new directions and whether they will buy into those changes/additions.  Due Diligence exercises will conclude with a project specific SWOT impact report.



REGS is available to evaluate sales representation agreements on a case by case basis. We offer traditional rep agreements and less formal finder’s fee agreements.  As a sales rep we would be selling for you and closing new business. Rep agreements are 100% commission based. Under a finder’s fee program, we will develop the lead, promote your solution and turn it over to you for pursuit and closure. Finder Fees are fixed fee based and are paid out only if you win the work. Finder’s Fee payment schedules are determined at the time of agreement. All our agreements are non-exclusive to ensure we are offering the best solution possible to the end user partner.