Our network of qualified suppliers has the resources to support all aspects of air compliance including: risk assessment consulting, site audits, specification development, bid analyses, project management, data analysis, reporting services, stack testing, continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS), monitoring equipment spare parts, onsite equipment services and training.

Radigan Environmental Group Solutions (REGS) offer a full complement of end user partner products and services highlighted in the following sections:




REGS offers project management services to end user partners needing assistance in managing an air compliance project.  Our cooperative system called SPECS™ compliments end user resources with an organized approach to project management.  SPECS™ is a comprehensive project development process for end users needing a site-specific compliance solution.

SPECS™ stands for:

S: Specification

P: Progression

E: Engineering

C: Compliance

S: Solutions


SPECS™ offers 3-levels of service:

Base Package:

  • Onsite Sitewalk/Scope Review Meeting (2-days)

  • 2-Draft Copies of Specification

  • Onsite Specification & Review Meeting (1-day)

  • Final Technical Specification (ready for RFP Packaging)


Intermediate Package:

  • All Items in the Base Package

  • Manage the Vendor Qualification Process

  • Organize & conduct Vendor Site-walks (if required)

  • Manage Bid Evaluations

  • Recommends best fit for project


Complete Package:

  • All Items in the Intermediate Package

  • Add Project Management Service

  • Manages Onsite Post Install Close Out Meeting (1-day)



REGS promotes the idea that every process impacted by air regulations creates an opportunity to improve productivity by optimizing compliance.  To optimize compliance, you need to fully understand your obligations and the risk associated with actions you take to reduce emissions.  REGS has access to consulting partners that specialize in risk assessments and regulatory compliance requirements.  We represent service providers that can handle anything from air permit reviews to audits to data services to QA Plans to SSM Plans and anything in between.  We handle individual site work through fleetwide services, custom fit to your needs.  We do project contracts to annual agreements.  Anything you need to understand and meet compliance can be satisfied by a REGS partner. Let us know how we can help.



REGS has partnered with high quality CEMS integrators to provide end users with turnkey solutions to fit their site-specific stack monitoring needs.  Our CEMS partners are true integrators representing the gold standard in the emission monitoring business.  True integrators are independent companies focused on solving problems not driving product sales.  They adapt based on circumstances applying years of experience to determine the best fit for your situation. True integrators are vested in finding the best solution to fit the site-specific application because they don’t manufacture or represent an analyzer product solution, sampling methodology or reporting software solution.  They provide the best of worlds by having access to all the available technology coupled with the freedom to pick the one that fits best. If you have a CEMS need you should consider a REGS qualified integrator partner.



Your operational excellence is based on the reliability of your monitoring equipment.  If you fail to comply during normal operation, then you can’t produce.  REGS service providers offer a variety of maintenance and repair options to help keep you running. We handle everything from spare parts to bench repairs, emergency service call outs to annual support agreements, analyzer upgrades to CEMS equipment. REGS is your connection to emission monitoring equipment support and service.



Data is the key to the overall air compliance model.  It is where the rubber hits the road and is your leading indicator that validates the compliance decisions you have made.  REGS can connect you to your data. We can broker solutions ranging from full data acquisition and handling system software systems through data validation/reporting services.  Our solution partners are experts in software solutions meeting the rigorous demands of all the emission regulations including: 40CFR Part 75 – Acid Rain Program, 40CFR Part 60 & associated appendices and subparts, 40CFR Part 63 – MACT compliance and everything in between. If you need a software solution to meet regulatory compliance, then contact REGS. If you have an existing software system but are unsure of its performance, then contact REGS.  If you need data or reporting assistance contact REGS.  REGS is here to help.